Sponsorship Requests

How to Apply for a Sponsorship

HopeHealth is a proud sponsor of many philanthropic organizations each year.  Because we are a nonprofit organization, we have limited funds and therefore limited opportunities to sponsor events each year.  We make every effort to support events and organizations that align with our mission to provide accessible and affordable health care in our community.

Please follow these steps in submitting a request for sponsorship:

1. Confirm that your request is consistent with funding priorites described above.

2. All applications must be submitted online using the Sponsorship Application link found on this page and on the homepage.

How Sponsorship Applications are Processed

Sponsorship applications are accepted throughout the calendar year.  Upon receipt, applications are reviewed and an acknoledgement of receipt is sent to the applicant.

The review and approval process takes about four to eight weeks.

Please remember:  We recognize that there are many worthwhile charitable organizations doing outstanding work throughout our service area.  We will support as many charitable organizations as our funding allows.


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Sponsorship Requests