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Quit Burning Holes in Your Pocket: Stop Smoking

A pack-a-day smoking habit costs an average of $175 per month in South Carolina. Using that money to help you quit not only improves your
future financial health, but also begins improving your personal health within 20 minutes of stubbing out your final cigarette. So why is is so difficult to quit?

We know how addictive smoking is, but have you ever considered what drives the impulse to smoke? Part of the lure is that nicotine is both a stimulant and a relaxant; a shallow puff can make one more focused and alert, longer, deeper draws can help one relax. Nicotine achieves these by binding with neurotransmitters such as dopamine, a reward stimulator; serotonin, which affects moods; and noradrenaline, the
“stress hormone.” It’s little wonder quitting smoking can be so difficult!

At HopeHealth, we have many ways to help you stop smoking, including primary care visits to discuss cessation aid options, nutritionist advice to address craving substitutions, and behavioral health counseling to help identify smoking triggers and coping techniques
to get you through cravings.

Become a patient today and find the help you need!

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