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About Community Health Centers

What is a Community Health Center?

A community health center is a public or private non-profit health care organization that follows specific federal requirements in order to:

  • Serve communities and rural areas that are medically underserved
  • Provide health care and support services that are affordable, with fees adjusted based on ability to pay,
  • Demonstrate clinical and financial management that is sound, and
  • Be governed by a board, with a majority of members being served by the health center

The short video below shows how community health centers like HopeHealth benefit the local communities we serve.


Why Choose a CHC as Your Medical Home?

One of the many benefits of CHCs is that they help save the American health care system $24 billion annually. Other benefits include:

  • Health Care Home – your doctor knows you. You can be seen even if you lose health insurance.
  • Compassion – At Hope, we strive to be considerate of our patients’ life circumstances
  • Convenience – One-stop shop for financial counseling, doctor’s visit, behavioral health care and pharmacy
  • Pay It Forward – Insured patients can feel good knowing billing income from their visit supports the medical care of someone less fortunate.

HopeHealth's Role as a Community Health Center

As one of 23 Federally Qualified Health Centers in South Carolina and more than 1,400 nationwide, HopeHealth is able to offer reduced fees to the uninsured through a sliding fee scale.

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Who Do Community Health Centers Impact?

Community Health Centers provide affordable, high quality health care services to individuals of all ages, regardless of their ability to pay. Approximately 1 in 15 people across the U.S. receive medical care from a community health center.




We’re a Proud Member of the Health Center Advocacy Network

The Health Center Advocacy Network is a robust network of over 100,000 Health Center Advocates, and is recognizable within the health center community and to the public at large. The primary purpose of the Health Center Advocacy Network is to support and advance the Health Center Movement in order to address the needs of health center patients and the communities health centers serve. HopeHealth is a proud member of the HCAdvocacy Network of Health Centers.

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We're an Advocacy Center of Excellence!

Early in 2016, NACHC rolled out the Advocacy Center of Excellence program, which is an initiative created to build awareness and priority within the health centers for the importance of advocacy. The program is designed to have centers set and reach goals for advocacy among staff and board members, patients, elected officials, and community stakeholders.
In December 2016, HopeHealth became the first Advocacy Center of Excellence (ACE) in the State of South Carolina. In January 2017, became the ninth center in the nation to reach Silver-status recognition. In March 2018, HopeHealth became a Gold Level advocacy Center of Excellence. HopeHealth is the first center in South Carolina to earn Gold status and one of just 22 centers nationwide to earn the distinction.

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Be the Voice Logo


Join in the community health center advocacy conversation online. Use the hashtag above to show your love for health centers all across the country.





Be the Voice for Your Community Health Center

For more than 50 years, community health centers have provided high-quality health care in communities across the country. With the support of grassroots advocates, these centers have reached beyond medicine to improve lives, enhance access, reduce health care costs and create a positive impact. Add your support to theirs and Be the Voice for your community health center. Take the pledge to become an advocate today!

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