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First in Senior Health Care

HopeHealth provides primary health care services to seniors age 65 and older. Our providers help patients focus on their physical health, their mental health, and helps them manage multiple chronic conditions.

Senior Health Care

As our population ages, proactively addressing the health concerns of our senior patients can help provide greater quality of life and help seniors remain independent. In addition to wellness visits, assessments specifically for seniors take a closer look at factors such as fall risks, physical activity levels, and functional abilities such as the ability to bathe, dress, eat, get in and out of chairs, use the restroom, walk, shop, drive or use transportation, communicate with the phone, cook, clean, handle finances, and comply with medication regimes.

Senior Health Care Assessments

  • Fall Risk Assessment
  • Physical Activity Levels Assessment
  • Nutrition Counseling
  • Caregiver Issues
  • Preventive Measures
  • Chronic Care Management
  • Functional Abilities Assessment
  • Pain Screening
  • Medication Reviews
  • Advance Care Planning

Common Senior-Related Health Conditions

Programs Offered

The Hope Gold program to proactively addresses senior health. The purpose of the Hope Gold program is to ensure that the needs of senior patients with chronic conditions are being met.

HopeHealth offers a Veteran Liaison program that provides assistance for current and former military personnel in navigating healthcare, employment, housing, VA benefits, and interpersonal relationships. Contact our coordinator by email or call (843) 432-2971.

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