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Bringing Health Care to Your Community

The HopeHealth outreach team attends approximately 30 health fairs and outreach events each year. Our goal in this effort is to educate communities on the importance of having a health care home.

Health Fair Application

Thank you for your interest in having HopeHealth attend your event. While we make our best effort to attend as many community events as possible, we are unable to attend all of them due to the high volume of requests received. All requests must be received at least 60 days prior to the event. Upon receipt of request, an acknowledgement is sent to the applicant. The review and approval process may take up to three weeks.

Once the event has been accepted, HopeHealth guarantees attendance for a maximum of four hours, the times in which the host may specify. We ask that the event host (your company) supply HopeHealth with a table, four chairs, and three-prong outlet access. If you are requesting screenings, our preference is to be indoors. HopeHealth will provide educational and marketing material for each event as appropriate.

Your application submission is your agreement to abide by the policy and guidelines set forth above.

Health Fair Application

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