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Making a Positive Difference in the Communities We Serve

HopeHealth is a proud partner to many organizations who work toward improving quality of life for individuals and families within our communities.

Sponsorship Application

HopeHealth is a proud sponsor of many philanthropic organizations each year. We are a nonprofit organization and have limited funds to sponsor events. Every effort is made to support events and organizations that align with our charge to provide accessible and affordable health care in our community.

Please confirm that your request is consistent with funding priorities described above. Upon receipt of the application, an acknowledgement is sent to the applicant. The review and approval process takes about four to eight weeks. *All requestors must provide documentation of 501c3 status.

Past sponsorship recipients:
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Sponsorship Form:

A W9 must be sent via e-mail to at the time of the submission for the request to be reviewed. Click here to download a blank W9 Form.

Sponsorship Application

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