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Behavioral Health is Essential to Wellness

Quality health is essential to overall quality of life, and includes the status on one’s mental wellbeing. HopeHealth offers assistance and a clear path to managing your mental, social and emotional needs.

Behavioral Health Services

HopeHealth offers integrated behavioral and mental health services at locations throughout Florence, Williamsburg, Orangeburg, Aiken and Clarendon Counties. New trends in patient-centered health care include integrated behavioral health in the primary care setting. This meets the high demand of behavioral health needs of individuals, while also decreasing the stigma of receiving care at a traditional mental health provider. To be eligible for behavioral health services, individuals must first become a patient and be examined by their primary care provider.

The HopeHealth Medical Plaza, located in Florence, SC, incorporates the availability of a behaviorist within each of its eight medical suites. The medical provider will offer a personal introduction to a behaviorist at the end of the primary care visit. The behaviorist will then perform a routine mental health evaluation. Additional supportive care will be available to patients with behavioral health concerns regarding depression and anxiety and address the social and psychological impact of the patient’s diagnosis. For example, an avid golfer has been diagnosed with a heart condition that prevents him from playing the sport that he loves. A HopeHealth behaviorist will be able to help him/her cope with that.

Once your primary care provider has assessed your need for additional behavioral health counseling or services, you will be referred to one of our behaviorists or to one of our referral partners.

Behavioral and Mental Health Services

Our behavioral and mental health services are offered throughout the Pee Dee and Edisto regions of South Carolina. HopeHealth behaviorists work in conjunction with nurses to determine additional medication and to determine if on-going mental health counseling is required. The behaviorist will also work alongside the pain management physician in managing the proper use of medication.

Behavioral Health Services Offered at HopeHealth

HopeHealth offers referrals, assessments, and screenings for the following mental health services:

  • Psychiatry
  • Behavioral Health Counseling
  • Substance Abuse

Behavioral Health Locations

Our Partners

We partner with local and state mental health clinics and community partners to provide services for serious mental illness. For those experiencing substance abuse problems, we have referral partners to provide inpatient and outpatient treatment, as well as group and individual therapy.

Child & Adolescent Abuse Behavioral Health:

Domestic Violence:

Mental Health:

Substance Abuse:

Housing Assistance:

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