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Behavioral Health is Essential to Wellness

Quality health is essential to overall quality of life and includes mental wellbeing. HopeHealth offers assistance to help you meet your mental, social and emotional needs.

Behavioral Health Services

HopeHealth offers integrated behavioral health counseling services at locations throughout Florence, Williamsburg, Orangeburg, Aiken and Clarendon Counties. New trends in patient-centered health care include integrated behavioral health in the primary care setting. This meets the high demand of behavioral health needs of individuals, while also decreasing the stigma. To be eligible for behavioral health counseling services, individuals must first become a patient and be examined by their primary care provider.

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Behavioral Health Counselors

HopeHealth behavioral counselors work in conjunction with primary care providers to determine additional medication and to determine if on-going mental health counseling is required. The medical provider offers a personal introduction to a behavioral health counselor at the end of the primary care visit and the behavioral health counselor then performs a routine mental health evaluation to determine the need for ongoing care, referral to additional supportive care at HopeHealth Behavioral Health Services on Palmetto Street or outside referral to one of our partners.

Behavioral Health Counselors in the primary care setting are available at HopeHealth Medical Plaza in Florence and HopeHealth Kingstree. Behavioral Health Counselors are also available at our Infectious Disease locations at HopeHealth Orangeburg and HopeHealth Aiken.

Behavioral Health Services

After meeting with your primary care behavioral health counselor, you may be referred for more specialized treatment, which offers the following mental health services:

  • Psychiatric Care: Our psychiatrist and nurse practitioner focus primarily on treating psychological difficulties with medication. They are able to write prescriptions and work with patients on medication management when essential for their course of treatment, although prescribing medication is only one aspect of care. They work in close conjunction with the rest of our behavioral health team which also includes psychologists and counselors.
  • Counseling and Psychotherapy: Our psychologists and counselors conduct more in-depth assessment and use evidence-based treatments that target patients’ thoughts, behaviors, and emotions. They work with patients to develop a variety of coping skills for improving overall mental health and work with the psychiatrists to determine the best course of treatment. Types of treatment may include individual, couple, family, and group. Examples of therapy include cognitive-behavioral therapy, solutions-focused therapy, mindfulness skills training, behavior modification, and interpersonal psychotherapy.
  • Substance Use Disorder Counseling
  • Medication Assisted Treatment: Additionally, we offer access to medication assisted treatment for opioid addiction at our Palmetto Street and Kingstree locations. Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) combines behavioral therapy and medications to treat substance use disorders. Our MAT providers are certified Buprenorphine Treatment Practitioners authorized to treat opioid dependency with buprenorphine (Suboxone). In addition to Suboxone, medications like Vivitrol are also available to facilitate patients’ recovery.

Behavioral Health Counselor Locations

Our Partners

We partner with local and state mental health clinics and community partners to provide services for serious mental illness. For those experiencing substance abuse problems, we have referral partners to provide inpatient and outpatient treatment, as well as group and individual therapy.

Child & Adolescent Abuse Behavioral Health:

Domestic Violence:

Mental Health:

Substance Abuse:

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