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A Program For Seniors 65 & Older

Hope Gold is a one-stop-shop for helping seniors get access to resources such as medication assistance and chronic disease management.

Hope Gold

Hope Gold aims to enhance the health care our patients receive and increase services that are available to them. It’s designed to help patients better manage their health care and provide opportunities that will help them to thrive and stay independent. HopeHealth’s Hope Gold program proactively addresses the health of senior patients age 65 and older who have been diagnosed with multiple chronic conditions. Hope Gold is a one-stop-shop for helping these seniors get access to resources and stay on track with their health. The program is free of charge to HopeHealth patients.

Hope Gold care coordinators work with program members to provide extra assistance in navigating their health care needs. Some services offered include: medication assistance, chronic disease management, health education classes, exercise classes, community services/activities, cooking classes, diabetes education, and nutrition education.

Benefits of Hope Gold

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