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HopeHealth is On Your Team 

Savvy Magazine – July 2024 

LaNorris Sellers is a football player. Not just any football player, but a top-performing quarterback who took the South Florence Bruins all the way to the 2022 high school state championship and will soon be the starting quarterback for the University of South Carolina Gamecocks.  

He is also a patient at HopeHealth.   

“My boys have been going to HopeHealth Pediatrics for years, and I have nothing but good things to say about Dr. Foxworth and the staff,” says Cheryl Ford, the proud mother of LaNorris and his two brothers, Jayden and Malik. “Whether I’m scheduling an appointment or speaking to the doctor, it’s always such a personal experience.”  

Statistics show that adolescent and teen males are less likely to visit the doctor than other age groups. HopeHealth’s partnership with LaNorris aims to help bridge that gap. Being the mother of athletes, Cheryl feels a responsibility to ensure her sons don’t just see the doctor when they’re sick but also attend their well visits. She has always felt like her concerns are thoroughly addressed, and she is never left with questions about what is happening with her children.  

Comparing primary care to the game of football, Dr. Ed Behling, chief medical officer at HopeHealth, states “Your primary care provider plays quarterback to a care team that coordinates your health care beyond treating a sudden case of the sniffles.” 

Dr. Behling explains that the primary care provider’s office is where wellness examinations, preventive services, chronic disease management, and acute illness treatments are all important pieces in your health care playbook. 

LaNorris’s family firmly believes in the importance of having a primary care provider and credits good health as a big factor in the athletic success of all three boys. Not only is LaNorris slated to be this year’s starting quarterback for USC, but brother Jayden also recently announced his commitment to play for USC in 2025.  

What this family appreciates most about HopeHealth is that care is available for all people, regardless of insurance and financial status. “HopeHealth makes it possible for everyone to receive quality health care. They are such an important resource in our community,” states Cheryl. 

As the area’s largest provider of primary care, what sets HopeHealth apart is its comprehensive, integrated care model that treats the WHOLE person – the physical, mental, behavioral, and financial aspects of your health. HopeHealth accepts all insurances and operates on a sliding fee scale for those who need financial assistance.    

“My teams have always had my back,” says LaNorris. “My health care team at HopeHealth is no different. They have helped me and my family stay healthy at every stage of our lives.”  

You don’t have to be an all-star athlete to have a winning team. Call today and let HopeHealth be On Your Team.  

Julia Derrick

Julia Derrick

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