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HopeHealth Pediatrics in Florence has a new home

HopeHealth Pediatrics in Florence has a new home.

Formerly located within the Medical Plaza, HopeHealth Pediatrics in Florence, along with CARE House of the Pee Dee, will begin seeing patients at 1920 Second Loop Road on Nov. 16.

The new space will allow increased access to pediatric care in a child, teen, and family-friendly environment. HopeHealth Pediatrics in Florence is a community-based health center that providing pediatric and adolescent care for newborns, infants, young children, adolescents, and teens.

HopeHealth’s board-certified pediatricians, Dr. Michael K. Foxworth II and Dr. Camille Montes-Ramos, provide excellent health care to children of all ages.

“I love that the staff is always friendly, engaging, and very thorough,” said Adrienne Licari whose children, 8-month-old Amelia and 3-year-old John, are patients of Dr. Foxworth. “It’s just such a smooth process getting into the room, and the staff lights up as if we are family.”

Dr. Michael K. Foxworth II

Dr. Foxworth is one of very few doctors in the state specializing in pediatric infectious diseases, implementing treatment and prevention in newborns, infants, children, and young adults with normal and abnormal immune systems.

Originally from Marion, SC, Dr. Foxworth is board certified in pediatrics and pediatric infectious diseases. He is a CATCH Implementation Grant recipient, a current American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) South Carolina Chapter co-CATCH Facilitator, and a contributing section editor in “AAP Grand Rounds.” Recently, Dr. Foxworth was selected to participate in the AAP Young Physicians’ Leadership Alliance through the Section on Early Career Physicians. He is also the father of three young daughters.

Dr. Camille Montes-Ramos

Dr. Montes-Ramos joined HopeHealth in 2019. She is a member of the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Medical Association and a recipient of the Heart of Gold award from the Arnold P Gold foundation. She was born and raised in Puerto Rico, is fluent in English and Spanish, and is a new mother.

Dr. Montes-Ramos has special interest in vaccinations and childhood education, safety, and advocacy. She enjoys working with communities with special needs and serving as an instrument in parent-child relations.



HopeHealth educates its patients on the importance of having a health care home. As a primary care facility, HopeHealth’s medical team works to prevent and detect illness and the early onset of disease, provide routine physical examinations and promote overall healthy lifestyles.

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