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Preventing Child Abuse

Did you know that 1 in 5 children in the US die a day because of child abuse? Did you know that South Carolina had around 43,900 reports of abuse and neglect in 2016? Did you know that child abuse is 100% preventable?

All children need a hero, but abused children need Superheroes. Take a stand with CARE House of the Pee Dee this month & be a Superhero to a child in need. Even if you only suspect that abuse is occurring, report it. You just might save their life.

Tips for Keeping Your Children Safe

At CARE House our main priority is the safety of all children! Here are a few tips to equip yourself & your children so that they remain safe:

  • Set and respect family boundaries
  • Use the proper names of body parts
  • Be clear about the difference between “okay touch” and inappropriate touch
  • Explain the difference between a secret and a surprise
  • Talk to your children about trustworthy adults that they can tell if anything happens
  • Support your children & talk about this often!

Reading material that can help with these tips:

Abuse is 100% preventable; but it can not remain a taboo subject. We must talk about it to make it stop!

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