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Prostate Cancer Risk Calculator

Prostate screenings: who needs them, how often, why?
Men over the age of forty (40) may consider a blood test to look for or “screen” for prostate cancer (PSA) every 2-4 years, according to guidance this year from the American Urologic Association. Most prostate cancer does not hurt or kill patients, and prostate biopsy and cancer treatment can take time, cost money, and leave men feeling weak for several days or even years. Therefore, all men should have the opportunity to discuss the possible benefits and harms from screening.
One out of every four men over the age of thirty (30) has occasional trouble emptying their bladder or holding back, and may have a reduction in the force of urinary stream. However, not all of these men need to be screened, as this is probably because of the prostate getting somewhat enlarged. There are several tools for discussing the choices that are involved with prostate cancer detection and treatment, including the Prostate Cancer Risk Calculator.



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