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Six Steps for Reducing Holiday Stress

The holiday season can be a challenging time. The loss of loved ones is often felt stronger, family functions and social events can be an introvert’s worst nightmare, and meeting traditional holiday expectations can add to anyone’s anxiety. Here are six steps that you can take
to help better manage your stress this holiday season:

  1. Have a family discussion on how to celebrate this year and decide together what is realistic.
  2. Consider modifying traditions or creating new ones for a refreshing change and relieve the pressure to always get everything “just right.”
  3. Invest in your faith. Attend a service with a friend or family member.
  4. Know your limits. Establish boundaries with others who want you to participate in activities that you know will be too difficult for you.
  5. Let others know what you need. If you want to be included or need a ride, say so. If you prefer to spend a quiet evening home and skip a social event, then express that.
  6. Ask yourself the following questions for each of your holiday routines:
    • Would the holidays be the same without it?
    • Is this something you want to do differently?
    • Do you do it out of habit, tradition, free choice, or obligation?
    • Is this a one-person task, or can it be shared?
    • Who normally is responsible for getting it done?
    • Do you like doing it?

Answering these questions will help establish more realistic goals for your celebrations and reduce your stress. For information on stress management and other behavioral health services available at HopeHealth, click here or speak to your care team today.

by Georgann O’Quinn, a HopeHealth behavioral and mental health counselor



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