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Water safety for kids

by Haley Jackson, CPNP Water safety is something I am incredibly passionate about as a pediatric nurse practitioner and mother…

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The importance of play

by Dr. Michael K. Foxworth II In our busy times of balancing work schedules, fulfilling family obligations, and creating beautiful…

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By Donna Tracy. Photo by Bradley Lail/HopeHealth

A Leg to Stand On

Nine-year-old Brian Wasonga scraped his knee while playing soccer on his way home from school in Sanjwera, Kenya. The scrape…

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Michael K. Foxworth II, MD, FAAP. Photo by Bradley Lail/HopeHealth

Antibiotics Aren’t Always the Answer

“You should call your doctor so they can prescribe you some antibiotics.” “My child has been coughing for too long.…

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